Socialism what is so wrong with it?

There is a trend in the American culture today of 18-25 year old adults trying to become more like Jesus. Movements like Emergent ministries, Simple way, and Wild Goose festival are just a few ministries that have sprung up recently. The Christian culture tells us that we need prescribed to a certain denomination. But, when one reads the gospels you do not see this at all. There is a reason that a lot of Millennials are talking about Bernie Sanders.

To follow Jesus is simple do not be like the world and just follow him. Jesus’ ministry was hard he preached and proclaimed miracles to a crowd that had their religion all figured out. Instead of sugar coating God’s salvation he states early on his ministry, “you have heard it said….. but I say…..” (Matt. 5:17-48). Christ throughout the his Sermon on the Mount changed what the religious people thought was the truth. They thought they knew what God told them. Jesus showed a new way of saying yes, God said this but it is not as simple as you think. To follow God is to show love to everyone no matter what race, culture, heritage, sex, affiliation. Christians that are in the Millennial generation have seen churches hating on other religious institutions and human beings and we are tired of this.

There is a movement of us crying to God to awaken some of us to proclaim to the world we are sorry for what Christians have done to you. We want to share everything with you Christ shared love so do we. We want to live life with everyone we want to show the world that to believe in Jesus means to share life.

As Matt  Montgomery stated in one of his songs, “We hear their cries but no one is listening.” Of course he was talking about modern day slavery but that is what is happening to non-Christians they are crying out to the Church (body of believers not the building) but no one seems to listen to their needs. The early church did not spread because everyone went to a building the early church spread because each and every person in the Christ had the same identity. They shared everything together, will we go back to this, or will we go back to our fancy buildings? If you want younger people in churches you must open yourselves up to them and show that your life is an open book.


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