To those who despise the cross

I am not going to quote the whole scripture. But I encourage you to grab a Bible either online or not and read Romans 9:1-5. As a once skeptic I wish people would have mentioned to this me before. The cost of following Jesus is not easy and Jesus declares it will not be throughout his whole ministry. This post is to the skeptic that is seeking or the one that is willing to debate the matter with Christ.

Now, that I hope and prayed that your read Romans 9:1-5, I want you to know that is my prayer for all people each and every day. That is the true gospel the gospel is not you accepting Christ once in your life. The gospel is a hunger you crave in your life and it will make you have a u-turn in your life once you accept to follow this awesome way of the cross.

The cross may sound brutal and disgusting to some will it should. The cross was never meant to be a beautiful symbol inside a church building as a relic. The cross is a symbol of torture for all man kind throughout all history. To follow Christ is to say that you follow someone that may have seemed weak on the cross, but is seen as being triumphant in raising from the grave. To declare you believe in this Jesus is to say you no longer care about your self but you care about others first.

That is what Paul is showing here in these passages in Romans. Paul is showing that if he can lose his salvation for the sake of the Jews his own people he will give it up, if that means they would enter heaven. This is the true meaning of the gospel it is to say you love others enough to give up your own salvation. This is the true gospel message not one that says come to church and serve. Those are important aspects of showing others that you are part of God’s kingdom. But the most important part is to say that you are willing to sacrifice your belief in God if that means others can be saved.

Honestly, this is a hard position to follow but that is what being a Christian is meant to be. Christian means Christ follower, Christ came and died on a cross. Once he died on a cross the Law Moses declares he is “cursed” from God (Deut 21:23 ESV). What this shows Jesus willing gave up his own life and salvation for others. Of course being Christ this example is awesome but hard as heck to follow in our lives today. Paul here in Romans shows us a practical way of living for the gospel. It is the willing to give ones life up for others.

I leave today telling you this I am willing to give up my own salvation for anyone that does not believe in God. Or to put it more extreme and to show you how much the gospel means to me I am willing to say right now I will give my salvation up for Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer, and countless others the world calls evil doers. I will give up my place in Heaven if that means these “evil” people can enter into Christ’s perfect world. This is the love of Jesus I am telling you it is you care about others. I care so much about his love it needs to be spread, Christianity is not what you see on Fox news or in some of our churches. Christianity is a way of showing love to others. The Christ I follow made himself to be accursed to save humanity and that is the man I will live up to.




  1. essiep · April 8, 2016

    Why have you tagged this with ‘atheism’ when the post is exactly not about atheism?


    • seandotty10 · April 8, 2016

      My point in tagging in atheism is simple I am willing to separate myself from God to see atheists go to God’s kingdom. Also, I use to be an atheist so almost all of my blogs are to a certain extent refuting atheism and learning there is more than God than this organized religion.


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