Oh Brother I am Sorry Please Repent

Tonight for some reason all I could keep hearing, is one of my undergraduate professors Dr. Jarivs Williams yelling in class about taking care of the poor. I could not remember what class this was about and what we were talking about. But all I could hear is Dr. Williams passionate voice and seeing how the gospel has transformed this man. The same gospel that literally eradicated me over night that has transformed my mind. I looked up some of my old notes and the passage that we were talking about was James 2:1-13.

James states, “My brothers show no partiality,” and then he goes on to condemn some Jewish Christians for showing partiality (James 2:1-7). What this passage entails to us today is we have sinned against our brothers and sisters in Christ. Definently people of color during this election. Those that follow Evangelical theology in America, took advantage of our brothers and sisters in Christ that are minorities. I am just one person, but I am telling you guys right now our battle is not against flesh, but powers of the air. Evangelicals that are white we must repent and look at our brothers and answer Cain’s rhetoric question. To saying, YES I am my brother’s keeper. If we continue on in James you see the importance of loving your neighbor (2:8).

For the first time in five years since Christ revealed the gospel to me, I am ashamed to be a Christian. I want to keep reading Romans 1:16 and say I am not ashamed, but I would be lying. When we have a president elect that spilled hate for a full year, that actually told some people of color that they should be killed for trying to rape a woman in New York. But then he makes very disgusting things about women. I have a wife and I keep really defensive of her when people just text her the wrong way. But this has nothing to do with the anger many of friends are dealing with right now and how they have lost their identity.

What I can tell you right now is I am repenting and hoping many of my white brothers and sisters will do also. This election brought out a lot of hate that is not the gospel. Is Abortion wrong? Yes! Is the death penalty wrong? Yes! When I say I am pro-life I am pro-lif, which also means I stand up against injustices against other people. “Do not resist the one who is evil” (Matt 5:33). Oh, let the government walk over top of you is what some our Evangelical brothers said this past Sunday when ignoring the election! People are hurting and are scared. We need to be talking about this and letting our brothers and sisters truly speak out.

I am a Baptist, which means one important separation between church and state. But when James tells us to take care of the poor means we take care of the poor! We are in the richest nation in the world, but we have neglected Christ and neglected His people. I look forward to the day that Jesus is King and all will worship before him. But that does not give me pacifist tendencies to sit idle by when many our brothers and sisters are hurting. James is just one example of this, but all throughout the Bible where giving to the rich and not the poor is seen wrong. Why?! Do we give thousands to certain churches and then we still have poor areas in the world! The gospel is a gospel that cares about socail problems but also spirutal needs and if the two are not meet; we are not proclaiming the gospel. We must truly show others the love of Christ.

As our Brother James shows us the church has not changed. The church instead has made it even worse. “Forgive us Father for we do not know what we do.” I am scared for some of my brothers and sisters in Christ, but what I am more scared of is this nationalistic idenity American culture is embeded into. Repent from our power hungry ways and give our power to others this is the stand for the gosepl. I am sorry and so should be the white church. Part of me wants to walk away from the church because of the hurt I have seen. But I know the gospel is the power to change all and we must be willing to show others this message. Come America tell me who you are! Will you repent of your wicked ways? Will we as White Evanglicals repent of our own ways? Will we relook at our image and figure out how our true identiy is? That idenity is in Christ, and we must get rid of every mention of our own idenities and look towards our true idenity and that is Christ. We are first and foremost Christians.



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